Mid-Week Meeting


Join us on the third Wednesday each month for a range of teaching, talks and updates from missionaries. 


  Third Wednesday of the month, 7:30 – 8:30am


Leominster Baptist Church


There is so much going on and ministries to be involved in. So we set aside the third Wednesday of each month to hear about a range of topics and be informed about God’s work around our area and the world. we have heard from Missionaries in MAF, SASRA’s work in the army, Dementia groups and how we can help, as well as question and answer sessions on faith and how sessions on joining house groups.


This is open to anyone in the LBC family or anyone else who might be interested to gather hear about a certain topic.
Coffee and cakes provided. 
Take a look at the schedule for the Central Meetings, we’d love to see you there!
20th September- Revelation Revealed
18th October- Quarterly Meeting (LBC Members Only)
15th November- Persecuted Church Update and Prayer
20th December-History of Christmas
17th Jan- Quarterly Meeting (LBC Members Only)
21st Feb- Missionary Speaker/ Update
21st March- Mid-week meeting- Creation Discussed
18th April- Quarterly Meeting (LBC Members Only)
16th May- Missionary Speaker/ Update
20th June-Mid-week meeting- Heaven & Hell
18th July- Quarterly Meeting (LBC Members Only)
15th August- Break
19th September- Missionary Speaker/ Update
17th October- Quarterly Meeting (LBC Members Only)
21st November- Persecuted Church
19th December- Mid-week meeting- Evidence